Last night we got together for what is our monthly ritual of poker night and I asked the fellas if they would be interested in doing a playtest of Cubic Shift to which they agreed. Everything went according to plan with one exception. The audio did not record. So now I have this great video with no sound. I will have to do some major editing to make it work as I will have no choice, but to add in my own commentary. As soon as the video is ready I will post it.


I received some pretty positive feedback considering I was playing with a bunch of dudes eager to play poker and not a tabletop board game. The game lasted roughly 45 minutes which is pretty quick for 6 players. I’ve determined the official game length to be between 30 and 60 minutes.

We also determined an official way to escape. Once the escape room is discovered via revealing the corresponding numbers a player must be in the escape room and roll the correct color to exit. For instance, if the player just happens to be on the escape tile when it is revealed they don’t automatically win. They still have to roll a matching color upon their next turn. There is always a chance of another player drawing a BODY SHIFT CARD and switching places with the player on the escape room.

Surprisingly no one died.  And we were also playing with the original maximum health. Every time someone would draw a fight card they were on the neutral zone where no fights take place. It was rather disappointing as I never got to demonstrate how fighting works.

The next big playtest probably won’t take place until Protospiel Chicago.