Protospiel Chicago 2018

Protospiel Chicago 2018 is fast upon us (September 21-23 2018) and I will be featuring Cubic Shift for playtesting at this year’s event. I hope to get a few really good playtests in for the now prototype phase game. Feedback and help will be much appreciated.

Ideally, I would like to playtest Cubic Shift at least five times before any re-vamps take place. With this being my first ever Protospiel I honestly have no idea what to expect. I have done much research on the event itself and what it’s all about, but having only attended video game development conventions prior to this it remains uncharted waters at the moment.


Cubic Shift is a game of survival and escapes from a shape-shifting death trap-riddled prison.

I will have a full update when we get closer to the actual date of Protospiel Chicago 2018.

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